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XLR8 500 MHz MACh Carrier G3 upgrade car
Note: For Full-screen USB 2.0 Video Check Out The New: XLR8 ProView USB!

The XLR8 InterView 3.0 USB video capture, allows easy, super-quality 1/4 screen, video capture from any video device into Apple QuickTime. Perfect for the Internet and Apple iPod Video! It's now fully compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP!. It also supports AppleScript automation and multiple devices on the same system - a big plus for webcam and security installations. InterView blends ease of use with fantastic video quality, all for a price anyone can afford!

InterView USB includes QuickTime with full support, including MPEG-4 streaming via QuickTime Broadcaster. It's hardware supported 320x240 capture delivers the greatest quality web based video possible... beating out systems costing tens of thousands more. Why? It's optimized for the right size, automatically, no resizing required, which means NO LOSS of quality!

XLR8 InterView inclues all the hardware and software any user needs to grab video/audio from any normal camera, recorder or deck. Its universal drivers support the wides range of applications possible and allows multiple cameras on the same system (one Interview for each camera).

Features of InterView 3.0 include;

  • Real-time Internet Ready Video Capture to any USB equipped system (500 MHz or faster).
    • 352 x 240, 29.97 fps NTSC
    • 352 x 288, 25 fps PAL/SECAM
  • VideoImpression Capture and Editing for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows XP.
  • S-Video and RCA (standard) composite video and stereo audio input.
  • Supports any USB equipped system!
  • High contrast, high quality video - better than DV at the same size.
  • Low Disk space requirements - 4 GB per hour for video and audio.
  • High resolution single frame capture - 640 x 480.
  • Fast Record Playback, for near real-time playback during captures.
  • AppleScript enabled capture software for full automation capability.
  • Export movies to any QuickTime supported format, including iMovie DV and DVStreams without having to purchase QuickTime Pro!
  • QuickTime Broadcaster compatibility, delivering the ability for users to get professional quality MPEG-4 streaming, even in low-bandwidth situations .

No matter what type of video source you wish to capture from, InterView is the choice for making video clips for the web, E-mail, or just enjoying your family videos on your Mac. With both S-Video and RCA-Composite input connections, you can be sure that InterView will connect to your video devices with ease.

   Product Features
System Requirements
All Apple PowerMac G3 or G4 systems, and PC's running Windows XP with an available USB port (500 MHz or better recommended for real-time performance).

Software Requirements
Mac OS X 10.1.2 or greater
Windows XP (optional)

Included Software
USBVision Device Driver for OS X
USBVision Capture for OSX
USBVision Exporter for iMovie Compatibility
Video Impression! Editing and Capture.

Video Sizes
Mac OS X 10.1.2 and above:
352x240 NTSC, 352x288 PAL

Framerate of Captured Video
NTSC - 29.97fps*
PAL - 25fps*

Easy to use, easier to learn, Strata VideoShop is a very powerful video capture application that can transform your videos into cinema masterpieces.

Fully Mac OS X native, InterView Capture offers a simple, "no frills" interface to quickly and easily capture your memories.

Multiple unit support on the same system.

 Product Availability    Real-world Performance Gains
InterView 3.0 Video Capture
InterView for USB, OS9, OSX and Windows XP. Includes, Interview, USBVision and Video Impresson editing and capture software for, OS X and Windows XP.

See what others are saying about InterView 2.1

"InterView is the best way to import video into my Mac OS X machine. So much power in such a simple device. How does XLR8 do it?" -M. Ledford

Branch Out!
Here's some other applications you might like to try with your XtraView Video Transfer Package:

Apple iMovie, QuickTime Broadcaster, ArKaos VJ, bTV and bTV Pro, SecuritySpy, iStopMotion, Max/MSP and Jitter, iVisit, Video Viewer, iChalk, Oculus, HomeGuardian, Session, Yahoo! Messenger, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, econ ImageCaster*

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Daystar Technology specializes in Macintosh and PowerBook CPU Upgrades. As a leader in Mac CPU upgrades, Daystar also provides world class certified service and new system sales. Daystar reserves the right to adjust, change or modify its policies, products and specifications at any time.